Together We Can Help

Kemoson Financial Services, your convenient, fast and reliable money transfer company to Gambia is proud to unveil a give-back program designed to strengthen the bonds between our growing customer base and the communities in the Gambia.
Effective June 1st 2012, Kemoson will start donating D10,000.00 every quarter to a charity or community project nominated by our customers.

Below is the list of projects that will be considered under this program:

  • Community projects such as, school buildings, libraries, gardens, wells, storage facilities, orphanage home and community health projects
  • Village self-help initiatives, such as micro finance, community farms, and provision of seed stocks to subsidize agricultural projects
  • Victims of disaster such as fires or orphans with diminished prospects for minimum extended family support

Kemoson will select from submitted entries, and awarded nominee will be published at kemoson's website. Beneficiary will be notified and the funds will be disbursed accordingly.
To participate, send your nominations to with a brief rationale for your selection and charity contact information.